December 11, 2013

KAI Scissors Product Review

Earlier this year, I received a complimentary pair of KAI embroidery scissors and dressmaking shears to try out and review. Before these, I had mostly used the typical orange-handled Fiskars that everyone is so familiar with. At the time, I thought they were great scissors, until I tried the KAI scissors. There is NO contest here! The KAI scissors not just cut, but also feel like a dream! I had no idea cutting could actually be enjoyable, but now I love it!

For the eight months I've been using these scissors, I've cut everything from very thin, slippery fabrics to denim and everything in-between. No matter the fabric or number of layers, these scissors have not, even once, hesitated or performed poorly. Truly, the only real complaint I have about my KAI scissors is that they've rendered all of my other scissors unusable!

To iterate just how well these scissors work, shortly after getting them, I was doing a fitting with a client where I used these scissors for all the cutting. During the fitting, my client, who occasionally sews herself, actually commented on how well the scissors were cutting and asked to know what the brand was! Now that is a true compliment!

Now to get to the specifics. The main scissors I use is the model N5210 Dressmaking Shears (also available in a left-handed version). One of the biggest problems for me when using other scissors is the amount of stress they put on the hand when using them for an extended period of time, both from the design of the handle as well as the force required to open and close them. With the ergonomically-designed handles and the exceptionally smooth movement of the dressmaking shears, this isn't a problem. I'm able to use them for as long as I need them without any pain or having to take breaks to let my hands recover.

The other pair is the N5135 Embroidery Scissors. Though I rarely do any type of embroidery, I've found these scissors invaluable to have on hand for cutting threads, cutting notches, cutting in tight areas, and for other projects such as cross stitch and crochet. With the blunt tip, they're perfect for cutting seams and threads as well as travelling, as I don't have to worry as much about cutting anything unintentionally. One aspect about these scissors that took some getting used to, though, was how to hold them. With most scissors of this size, my initial response is to hold them with my thumb and forefinger. However, with these scissors, it's much more comfortable (and gives greater control) to hold them with the thumb and middle finger, holding the outside of the bottom handle with the forefinger. (Just a tip for when you get them!)

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend KAI to anyone needing a pair of fabric scissors! Treat them right (no cutting on paper!!!), and they'll be one of the best sewing investments you'll make. :)

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